Why G&W

Meeting Set SLA Constantly

  • Meeting the requirements of clients on a consistent basis
  • Adherence to agreed SLAs
  • Operate at optimal efficiency levels
  • Continuous quality assessment and improvement

Optimizing Performance & Value Addition

  • Identification & Management of risks across the engagement
  • Leverage knowledge & global experience
  • Incorporating technological advancement
  • Demonstrating continuous and measurable improvement
  • Continuous innovation in services
  • Benchmarking best practices.

Sustaining Performance

  • Continuous improvement in methodology
  • Effective and continued implementation of global best practices.
  • Consistent Satisfaction.


Service delivery of Grey & White follows an enterprise way of working. Our internal software platform is customized to cater to various MIS relevant to business and service quality parameters, like quality, timeliness and cost. The software platform has successfully automated various touch points with candidates and clients, mainly in terms of maintaining close networking and communication loops. Our huge database is maintained and backed up satisfactorily on our enterprise software platform.

Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement is instilled into the system as a part of talent strategy and organizational alignment. Organizational alignment happens broadly to achieve the result areas that are established for various employees within the organization. This alignment is achieved through intense and efficient efforts for establishing processes and protocols, review mechanisms, engaging to KRAs and a prime drive to all these is extensive training programs. Our training is not only specific to search processes and strategies but they are also focused to functionalities. We train each and every individual of the organization to think and act as per the client's hiring manager's thought processes and desires in terms of talent acquisition. Hence, in this effort we conduct regular training programs for uplifting the knowledge base of every employee depending on the various functions that we cater to.

My dreams about job satisfaction, cultured work environment, friendly atmosphere were fulfilled when I joined HCC (G&W) during Feb 2011. G&W is the right organization for those who believe in professionalism, team work and freedom of work. This company has given me Supportive Teammates, Friendly Colleagues, and Encouraging Seniors. Further, everyday learning at G&W enhances my knowledge level, and tunes me to face day-to-day challenges. I enjoy my association with G&W and feel proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization that has great values – Simplicity, Honesty and Respect.

Ms. Deepti Mane

Director & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The work environment here gives us complete independence, responsibility and ownership in every one of the projects that we work on. Our satisfaction is at the peak when we have our candidates getting on-boarded at our Client’s workplace. It gives us great pleasure to know that we are an important factor in helping our Clients in their business growth which is a WIN-WIN situation for both our Clients and for us also.

Mr. Rajagopal VR

Practice Lead – IT vertical

My association with HCC (G&W) started from 3rd Sept 2007. During these 7+ years of tenure at G&W (Earlier HCC), I have lot of learning experience which has enriched my career. I have learnt competitiveness and how to perform best in pressure situations IN G&W. My journey here has always been very challenging. I started as a Recruitment Executive and got the opportunity to work as a Principal Consultant in which I was able to contribute my knowledge & skills to the best of my abilities. It has always been a great feeling to work in G&W as a part of the core team.

I have always got co-operation and respect from my colleagues and guidance from superiors which has helped me to deliver the better results. In the future, I will always put best effort towards the growth of G&W.

Ms. Jeslin Borges

Principal Consultant – Projects team

My experience with G&W has been extremely enriching. G&W’s open environment offers numerous learning opportunities. G&W has given me an opportunity to work across different sectors and interact with Senior Management of client organizations. In spite of coming from a different vertical, the senior management showed immense faith in me and helped in achieving my goals and building my confidence. An approachable management, dynamic work environment and versatile people makes G&W a great place to work. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with G&W and I look forward to having a long-term relationship with the organization. I wish G&W to grow further and achieve newer heights

Ms. Apeksha Raja

Team Leader – Media & Ecommerce team

My association with G&W has been more than 3 years now. It has given me a great experience throughout. I had no idea what was it like to be in a job, what processes are required to be followed, what does a client relationship mean for an organization, how does a business run. I got all my answers from G&W, from our management, our TLs and co-workers. Management here is very supportive, very enthusiastic and motivating. Time to time trainings are provided to an employee whenever he/she seeks it. The organization has highly competitive environment which gives an employee enough motivation to work towards their goals and achieve it. It’s a great pleasure to work with G&W and be a part of this family. I wish good luck to G&W in their future endeavors.

Ms. Sukhada Gadre

Senior Consultant - Media & Ecommerce team

To become a part of the G &W family its gift from the GOD.I am honoured to be a part of the family. I have growned with this orgainisation..Its always given me the opportunities to grow and take complete ownership of the work I do.Work recognition,transperancy,well defined culture,effective leaders/mentors and freindliness is the other name of G&W. We always respect our services, our clients. G&W(Earlier HCC) its very close to my heart.I feel proud to be associated with G&W.


Practice Lead – Research & Advisory Vertical

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