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08 August 2016 - CEO salaries at top blue-chips soar; average nears Rs 20 cr

In a sharp jump, average CEO salary at top listed companies in the private sector is approaching Rs 20 crore -- double the level seen just two years ago at about Rs 10 crore.

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09 August 2016 - At Rs883 cr in Q1, Hero Moto posts best-ever net

NEW DELHI Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest two-wheeler company, reported its best-ever quarterly income since it began operations in 1984 as a joint-venture partner with Japan’s Honda (the company was called Hero Honda).

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08 August 2016 - Indiabulls, IIFL to raise $500 million offshore capital via Mauritius

Diversified financial services firms Indiabulls Group and IIFL Asset Management Ltd have incorporated entities in Mauritius to raise offshore capital for real estate investments for the first time.

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08 August 2016 - SoftBank to sell part of stake in China’s Alibaba for $7.9 billion

SoftBank has seen its profits boosted thanks to Alibaba\s record USD 25 billion market debut in 2014 in New York.

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