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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to Grey and White HR Consultants Pvt. Limited.

In our brief journey since inception, Grey and White or G&W has progressed well and has achieved many milestones. The Company brings to our valued customers in India, Middle East and African continents to partner with our various HR services with a primary focus on hiring. It has been our continuous endeavor to promote value added services specially in the category of CXO level engagements and also mid and senior level search services and RPO. Over the last 10 years we have moved from domestic to global recruitments, established various verticals, established RPO services and have forayed into HR Consulting and training space.

In the future we have plans to expand our blue collar hiring in middle east and Africa. And also we intend to introduce more safety, quality and delivery or production efficiency based training that are practical and effective for enhancing productivity. In the coming days we are going to conduct more and more training and awareness programs about good HR practices amongst Small and Medium Scale industries where in they can take HR Initiatives as an individual entity or where possible as a group, to increase retention and productivity.

Our goal is to reach the global platform and for the same we are critical about our processes and people. So far our strength has been string network, goodwill and knowledge. In the same path of pursuit we are willing to engage more technically qualified professionals who carry the similar values as ours and considers recruitment as one of the most challenging tasks that any organisation and it's management face today.

I am thankful to all my colleagues who have made this journey successful over the last ten years, all our clients who have been extremely supportive and without them this journey could never have been possible and most importantly all the professionals in our network for staying connected with us and contributing to our growth in many ways. I thank all of you for visiting our website. We are open to your suggestions and inputs. Please mention your comments on and we promise to peruse and work upon all relevant suggestions.

COO’s Desk

Being a member of G&W family, I can say we profoundly stand for our Customers. Being honest and ethical in business we are counted as the most trusted companion for our Customer for last 09 years. Our commitment to quality in services comes from our commitment to our Clients and we are intrepid fellow travelers journeying with our customers and clients as they explore new routes and destinations in business and life. As echoed by our corporate values, we understand the importance of integrity and commitment to the client and believe that success comes from having a long-term vision, especially when it comes to building long-standing relationships. Your trust in us is fundamental. I’m proud to be a part of G&W and humbled to have the opportunity to lead it on the next part of its journey. My colleagues and I, at all levels of the company, are committed to driving profits through principles. At the most basic level, we may provide Recruitment solutions..but the way we do so enables us to not only grow the company, but also make a difference.

HR Desk

I welcome everyone visiting this website, as HR Head for Grey & White. As we all appreciate, that HR plays an important role in every organisation as it builds, maintain and enhance relationship between employees and management.

I am happy to mention that I believe in our organisation the key element of HR is picking our team members who have the right balance of skill and attitude. G&W regularly hence invests in the knowledge flourishing sessions and projects and ensures that the sessions really contribute to personal and professional growth of the employees.

As an HR Head, I can boast of propagating a happy culture as I trust that when an employee feels the work environment to be congenial they can deliver to their fullest potential. Hence our effort is to put up a work place culture that relies on employees to pull together and maintain healthy bonding. Keeping our employees satisfied and motivated is one of my major concerns.

I would also like to appreciate our G&W members for their team work and spirit and would like to invite professionals who have the right zeal and be willing to be a part of my team. Please send your resume or contacts on

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